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Elbenwolf, as well, supports people who have fled because of the war against Ukraine:
Free running training every Saturday, meeting point in front of Krumme Lanke metro station. Berlin participants are welcome to show their appreciation by donating to the Ukraine Solidarity Bus.
I know the team personally, with their help we regularly organize transports to Odesa.

After getting to know each other & warm-up, we'll train in the Grunewald forest on the shore of the beautiful Krumme Lanke lake. Intervals of running and walking will make it easy for each of you to start running! Back at the metro station after two hours.
You'll get the time in the Telegram group, via WhatsApp, Threema, or via E-Mail.

Open for all genders, ages, abilities & speeds.
Our goal is to enable you to run 1000 m without a break within a few weeks.
Running makes us stronger!

You already are a runner? Just get into contact and we'll find a faster/longer way for you!

Mainly English.
We'll manage to translate UA, RU, DE, ES, FR, German Sign Language (basic).
Nonverbal & neurodiverse people very welcome!

We are looking forward to meeting you!
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