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Endurance training
for people of all speeds

Mae govannen!
Let's experience how wild and wide our forests are!
How far do you really run?

1 k

5 k

10 k



You choose your challenge! With varied training and a sound background knowledge
I'll be happy to help you reach your goals!
Athletic greetings from the woods of Berlin

Elbenwolf, as well, supports people who have fled because of the war against Ukraine: Free running training every Saturday, meeting point in front of Krumme Lanke metro station. Berlin participants are welcome to show their appreciation by donating to the Ukraine Solidarity Bus. I know the team personally, with their help we regularly organize transports to Odesa.

Athletic, ambitious and with many years of therapeutic experience: Instead of running away from dogs, you will learn in individual one-to-one lessons how to endure, look for and use the proximity of dogs.
You determine the pace of the phobia therapy, you determine the pace at which we run later! The dogs adapt to you, they give you support socially and in terms of sport.

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